Book Review: The Time of My Life by Cecelia Ahern

'You used to be much more..."muchier". You've lost your muchness.' - the Mad Hatter to Alice

I absolutely love this quote Cecelia cites in this book because it just perfectly sums up what the book is about. 

The book follows Lucy Silchester, a soon to be 30-year-old, who receives an appointment with her life that she cannot ignore. As a reader you may find it a bit weird at first, because life is a real person, but don’t let that put you off, it really does work in getting the messages of the story across.
Lucy has fallen out of love with her life and appears to be stuck in a rut – she doesn’t enjoy her job, isn’t too fond of spending time with her friends and family and still pines after the ‘love of her life’ despite their relationship being over.
Then she meets her life and must learn to tell the truth to find happiness, or face having some ‘little white lies’ she’s previously told revealed.
I think Lucy is a really relatable character. I especially related to h…

When you need some R&R head to Eden Hall Day Spa

I could apologise for the cringe title of this blog post, but I LOVE THE CHEESE and I was proud of myself for the rhyme so I’m not going to!

Ever since I can remember I have loved a pamper day. I definitely have my mum to thank for that! It started off by being treated to the odd facial at a local beauty salon, and then for my 16th birthday my mum and I went for a weekend break at Ragdale Hall (I’d recommend anyone and everyone to try and go here at least once in their lifetime!). Ever since, I’ve never looked back. There’s just something about getting to spend the day without a care in the world, lounging around in a dressing gown with complete strangers that is just perfect to me! 

My most recent spa day was to Eden Hall Day Spa, which is located in Elston, Newark just off the A46 between Newark and Nottingham. I went with my mum and my brother’s girlfriend on the Simply Spa Day, which costs £95 on a week day. Prices are slightly higher on weekends, but they do put monthly offers up o…

Why do one book review when you can do four?!

As one of my New Years Resolutions I set myself a goal to ‘always have a book on the go’ and so far, I’ve stuck to it! Granted I may not be reading every single day, but I do always have a book there to pick up when I have the time. I’d forgotten how relaxing reading was, and how much better books are than films!

It’s the beginning of May and I am already four books down, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on them, in case anyone is thinking about what books to read this year, especially if you’re going on holiday (we all love a good read on the beach or by the pool!).

I’m going to keep these reviews fairly short and sweet, A. because there are four books to get through and B. because I don’t want to give away any spoilers.

So, let’s get started…

Start Something That Matters – Blake Mycoskie
This was my first book of 2018, a Christmas present from my mum and dad (recommended by my brother). They brought it out to Thailand with them which meant I got to read it whilst laying on various b…

Rebuilding My Summer Wardrobe

When I got back from travelling mid-January, I had a bit of spare time before I started my new job, so I decided to have a bit of a clear out of my wardrobe. There isn’t a lot of space for all my clothes at Chris’ mum and dad’s house, so I decided I was going to take all my summer clothes back to my mum and dad’s house, to store whilst I didn’t need them. I also had a lot of clothes I didn’t wear anymore that I was going to take to the charity shop, so I used one of those big blue Ikea bags and on one side I put the clothes I was going to take to the charity shop and on the other side the clothes for home.  I’m going to blame jetlag and travelling blues for what happened next… When I took the bag back home my mum asked what needed doing with it and I said, ‘it’s for the charity shop’… Oops!! I didn’t think anything of it until the time came to get the summer clothes out and I realised, oh god, I’ve given all my clothes away! On one hand I was gutted because I had some lovely dresses and…

Getting our thrills at Thorpe Park

Our weekends aren’t always that exciting but when they are, I’ve decided to let you know what we get up to, so here’s what we did two weekends ago.

First of all, you need to know that I LOVE rides. Chris loves them too, not so much before, but definitely after he’s been on them! We’ve talked about going to Thorpe Park for a while now and having both enjoyed days out at Alton Towers over the years, we’ve been dying to see what Thorpe Park has to offer.

We were due to go down to London that weekend anyway because Lincoln City FC were playing at Wembley on the Sunday (they won!), so we decided to make a weekend of it and combine it with a visit to Thorpe Park. I managed to find a great deal on Expedia for ‘The Bridge Hotel’ in Chertsey, which worked out at £81 for a double room for two nights – bargain! It didn’t include breakfast but that didn’t matter to us as we were going to be up and out early on both days. Given the price the hotel was great and it’s literally a 5-minute drive to …